I miss when Facebook was new, because no one blasted you with personal beliefs and memes, plus most businesses weren't onto it yet.  It was just whatever I wanted to say, which was usually a joke of some sort, or something (truly) awesome I was doing that day.

Then, the next stage came, when it became a goal to plaster literally every meaningful moment of my life on Facebook.  I have since learned that, like myself, my friends only want that stuff in small, semi-rare doses.

So, now I just post when I'm drunk.  (Kidding, that's a horrible idea.)

Here's more proof that social media is officially uncool:  It's now more popular with old people than young people.

Of course, by old, I mean "35 and up," which isn't THAT old . . . unless you ask a teenager or someone in their 20s to define "old."

According to a new study by Nielsen (a huge company who tracks ratings for TV and radio stations, including ours,) people 35 to 49 now spend the most hours of any age group on social media.  They spend an average of seven hours a week.  People 18 to 34 spend just over six hours a week.

The study also found women spend more time on social media than men.  25% of women's time online is on Facebook, Instagram, and the rest, versus 19% for men.

And Facebook is still the most popular social network.

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