Forget pumpkin spice, CinnsationAle has been tapped for the season. 

Every year, Fort Collins' iconic diner (and Old Town breakfast staple) collabs with Odell Brewing to bring us cinnamon roll beer, made with the ingredients of Silver Grill's famous cinnamon rolls.

'Every year we collaborate with the local restaurant Silver Grill Cafe to make this sensational cinnamon roll beer. We put cinnamon rolls straight from the cafe into the mash of this brown based beer to give it a big cinnamon pop.' -Odell Brewing

Silver Grill is the oldest restaurant in Northern Colorado, dating back to 1933, but this is the seventh year they'll be brewing in addition to baking. The beer was released last week, and you can give it a try at Odell Brewing in Fort Collins (after you hit up Silver Grill, that is).

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