Every year bookies get more and more creative with bets people can make during the Super Bowl to draw attention and separate people from their cash. It can be fun for the non football fan to keep them involved in the game, but probably not the best way to get rich! Here are some of the craziest bets you can make on this years game. 

What color will Madonna’s hair be when she begins the halftime show?

Blonde is the favorite here at -400, with any other color paying +250. What I find most interesting about this one is that they specify that it’s her hair color at the beginning of the halftime show. Do they have inside knowledge that she is planning to change her hair color during the show?

Madonna’s outfit

There are several questions about Madonna’s fashion choices beyond her hair. You can get -120 on both the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on whether she will wear fishnet stockings at some point (easy yes in my eyes), +250 that she will be wearing an NFL jersey at some point, and +150 that she’ll be wearing a hat. You can also bet on her microphone choice. A headset seems like the obvious choice, but you pay dearly for it at -200. A handheld microphone is a risky but potentially more lucrative choice at -150.

How many times will Peyton Manning be shown live on TV during the game?

The total here is at 3.5, with the ‘over’ favored at -130. I don’t know what the right answer is, but I am completely certain that each time will be awkward. Could there be a worse scenario for him right now than watching his brother play to win his second Super Bowl in a building owned by the owner he is publicly fighting with while his career hangs in the balance? I’ve spent his entire career being far from a Manning fan, but even I feel bad for the guy.

How many times will Giselle Bundchen be shown on TV during the game?

The total is just 0.5 here, with the over at -150. The over seems like a very easy bet, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part. Now hers is a bare belly I’d like to see during the game. Or any other time, for that matter.

If Tom Brady’s son is shown on TV will he be wearing a Tom Brady jersey?

‘Yes’ is heavily favored at -200. Is it just me, or does it seem creepy to be wagering on what a two year old is going to wear?

Madonna’s hair

5Dimes gets even fancier with their hair prop. The odds are at -530 that her hair will be more than 50.1 percent blond at halftime.

Which Manning will be shown first — Archie or Peyton?

Peyton is favored at -140, with Archie at even money. If they get shown together then the tiebreaker is whichever is named first.

Will Al Michaels say the word ‘miracle’ any time in the first quarter?

Here’s one for the longshot lovers — the ‘yes’ side pays +800. While ‘no’ is clearly more likely I’m not sure why anyone would accept a price of -1700 an anything so random.

Will Michaels or Chris Collinsworth say ‘Tebow’ at any time in the first quarter?

‘No’ is favored here at -160. I’m not sure which side is the smart one (if we assume for a second that there is a smart side to a bet like this). All I do know for sure is that I am very glad Denver isn’t in this game because I can only imagine what kind of insanity that would have caused.

Will the winning coach get a sports drink bath on the field before regulation time ends?

The ‘no’ side is slightly favored at -125. You can also bet on the color of the bath if and when it does happen at Bovada. Clear and yellow are the two favorites at 2/1. Blue is the longshot choice at 10/1.

How many aircraft in the anthem flyover?

One to four planes is the heavily favored answer at -260, with five or more at +180. The bigger issue is this — with the game being played in a retractable roof stadium in which the roof is very likely to be closed, any flyover at all would be kind of stupid.

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