Should we be concerned? For one in ten single Coloradans, opting 'mocktails' for cocktails may actually be a deal breaker. According to a recent survey conducted by, an online resource for drug and alcohol addiction help centers, and American Addiction Centers, some singles would actually rather date someone who drinks too much, rather than someone who abstains from alcohol completely. 

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A personal note: I've gone years of my adult life without a single drink, and now only have one or two a year on special occasions, which included first dates in some cases. And while I was also single for most of my twenties, no one I dated ever seemed to mind that I drank club soda at the bar. Actually, given the brevity of those relationships, maybe they actually did mind, but never said anything about it...

'Nearly one in five singles (18 percent) admit they would be disappointed if they discovered on a first date that their date didn’t drink alcohol,' the survey says. 'This could be due to an element of feeling judged - that the nondrinker had a more moralistic approach and was able to control themselves better than the one who likes a drink or two.'

Um, now I am feeling judged.

The survey also says that 75 percent of singles think that people who don't drink (I guess they're called 'teetotalers,' but I always said I was 'straight edge') should include that information in their online dating profiles. You can see more from here.

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