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beats out this

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in a ranking of livable cities, perhaps rent and mortgage has gotten just a teensy bit too high.  Yes, Greeley out-"rank"-ed Fort Collins in a way it should be proud of.

Here are all of Northern Colorado's most livable towns according to this study:

  1. Highlands Ranch
  2. Centennial
  3. Arvada
  4. Lakewood
  5. Thornton
  6. Westminster
  7. Greeley
  8. Fort Collins
  9. Boulder
  10. Pueblo

Here's the breakdown of all that; and, if you're wanting the best combination of attributes in your city based solely on financial aspects, there are your Colorado winners.  I am surprised we aren't seeing the Wellingtons, Severences, and Meads of the area, so I'm guessing perhaps they're considered too small to count - which is silly.

That's because Denver Business Journal looked at factors including:

  • Median income
  • Median monthly housing cost
  • Percent of residents below the poverty line
  • Unemployment rate
  • Percent of residents without health insurance, and
  • Commute time.

Depressed yet?  Sorry, that wasn't my goal.  If you want something bad enough (e.g. to live in a certain place, do a certain career, achieve anything, really,) you can make it work.  I've lived in a few places where it just didn't feel as good to wake up in the morning as it does in Northern Colorado, yet I never had to worry about my bank balance.  In a pinch, I choose to flip that, because atmosphere and recreation are more important to me than the thickness of my financial cushion.  Don't get me wrong, I'm striving for both, because I believe you can have both.  It just doesn't happen right away, nor the way we think it will.  Nothing worthwhile is easy, yet we live in a society that tells us it should be.  There's my two cents.




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