Did you happen to catch Jeopardy last night? If you did, you might have seen a familiar face! A woman from Northern Colorado won it all last night and she will appear on the show again.

"Jeopardy!" & IBM Man V. Machine Press Conference
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The woman is Lynn Klyde-Allaman and she is an associate professor of journalism at UNC. She took home $8,800 last night after she correctly answered the question in final jeopardy. The question was "The Greek islands of Lesbos & Rhodes are each about 10 miles from the mainland of this other country" to which she answered "what is Turkey". She gets to play again tonight and keep playing until she loses. We hope that she goes on for quite a while though! According to the Greeley Tribune, she is planning on using the money she won for a vacation to Italy, Israel or Holland.


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