People tend to imagine their doctor as an intimidating figure in a white coat...but what if you could watch your doctor do the tango in a flashy dress a la Dancing with the Stars?

That's exactly what Dancing with the Docs is.

Put on by the McKee Wellness Foundation and Banner Health, this fundraiser allows you to watch Northern Colorado doctors try their hand at professional dancing for a good cause.

Proceeds from the event go towards the heart health program, which helps the hospitals' cardiovascular institutes.

"Our heart health program funds community grants that support some of our school districts," said Allis Gilbert, Chief Executive Director of the McKee Wellness Foundation. "Some of them equipment at the cardiovascular institute at McKee. We're able to provide training for some of our physicians."

While patients and doctors alike are benefiting from the proceeds, attendees at Dancing with the Docs also get to vote for the best dancing docs and participate in a silent auction.

The event is fun for the doctors, as well.

"As a physician who participated last year, it was life changing," said Dr. Angela Mills, Chief Medical Officer at the Northern Colorado Medical Center in Greeley. "...being connected with the other docs that did it was really special. It created this camaraderie and collaboration that I cannot describe."

The family-friendly fundraiser takes place at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 16th at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, with ticket prices ranging from $15 to $35.

Not only is it a great way to recover from Wine Time, but it is also an amazing chance to give back to the community.

To learn more about Dancing with the Docs, listen to the full "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Allis Gilbert and Dr. Angela Mills below.

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