It’s hard to believe that across the planet, the lives we led a month ago are so different from the ones we lead today. But even with all of the changes around us, many people have stepped up to adapt and give us a new sense of consistency, and none more so than teachers.

Yes, we’re still doing this—You didn’t think we were done singing the praises of educators, did you?

From making the difficult switch to online learning to helping parents engage and entertain their newly home-bound children, teachers across the country have experienced a seismic shift in the nature of their work, yet have taken the change fully in stride. So, we want to hear from you – what teachers have you turned to in this time of uncertainty? Who has inspired you and your family to find a new normal in this harrowing period? Who, above all, do you want to give a virtual bushel of apples to?

Nominate your favorite teacher below, and stay tuned for this month’s voting—the winning teacher will receive an Ozzie’s Body Shop and a restaurant gift card (ready for when they can go back outside, of course), and a $500 donation to their school, courtesy of the UNC Extended Learning Campus.

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Townsquare Media's Teacher Tuesday Winners, 2019-2020


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