More than 10,000 of you voted and chose the finalists for NoCo's Best restaurants, from BBQ to pizza to breakfast and more. Our judges Henry, Michelle, and Heather got their treat on and tried the three best dessert places in Fort Collins.

Mary's Mountain Cookies


Mary's Mountain Cookies is a Fort Collins staple. With one shop in The Front Range Village and one in Old Town, you can get these sweet treats on either side of town, and in Loveland, too. The owner of the Front Range Village location gave us a whole box of cookies to test. We had sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, M&M cookies with icing in the middle, and a smores cookie as well. Michelle, Heather, and I loved all the cookies that MMC's provided us. They had such a wide variety of flavors and choices. The cookies were soft and buttery and honestly all very delicious!



Crumbl is fairly new to FoCo. Their cookies are bigger than MMC's and they don't have as much variety. That being said, Heather, Michelle, and I were super impressed with the cookies they did have. They are originally from Utah but have a few shops across NoCo. The cookies they gave us were interesting. The snickerdoodle cupcake one was my favorite; however, Michelle and Heather liked the Biscotti cookie the most.

Walrus Ice Cream


Oh, Walrus Ice Cream. I have fond memories of eating Walrus Ice Cream for as long as I can remember. If you have lived in Fort Collins for any meaningful period of time, there is no way you haven't been to the Walrus at least once. Nothing is better on a hot summer's day than a cone of one of Walrus's unique flavors. With 28 different flavors, there is something for everyone. Michelle, Heather, and I sat on the front porch and got to sample quite a few of these flavors. We each enjoyed all of them but had our different favorites. Heather enjoyed Blue Moon the most, Michelle liked Swiss Dark Chocolate the most, and my favorite was Strawberry.

NoCo's Best is an annual program that recognizes the best Northern Colorado restaurants and food selected by the residents of Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley and NoCo towns.

NoCo's Best 2021 winners were announced at the 2021 Taste of Fort Collins.

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