An expo founded in Loveland will be holding its ninth annual event at the end of March 2023 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Part of that expo will see six emerging hemp-related companies giving “pitches” in hopes of moving their businesses to the next level.

Fashion, plastics, honey, and business services are a few of the categories that will be represented in these 6-minute presentations in front of a live audience and will be judged by highly regarded startup consultants, attorneys, and investors. Which will be deemed worthy of getting that needed boost?

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been nine years since the very first NoCo Hemp Expo; today, it’s known as the world’s most comprehensive industrial hemp exposition and conference. Just because it’s taking place in the southern part of Colorado does not take away from the efforts of the expo. If anything, hosting it at The Broadmoor elevates the event.


It’s not clear how the expo narrowed its list down to the six that will be making pitches at the second annual Hemp Pitch, though they are all striving to make a difference in the hemp-cannabis industry. The competition will award more than $10,000 in legal fees and other services.

From Morris Beegle of We Are For Better Alternatives and producer of the NoCo Hemp Expo:

We are excited to see what these innovators bring to this year’s competition and how they are making a difference in the hemp industry,



  • AIRETAGE - Based out of Chicago, Airetage makes high-quality hemp clothing made with a textile-grade hemp fabric blend that includes cannabis agri-waste.
  • BEE DELIGHTFUL -  Based out of central Texas, Bee Delightful takes their honey (from rescue bees) and infuses it with carefully extracted, naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD) from their hemp farms (including those in Colorado).
  • JUICETIVA -  Based out of San Diego, JuiceTiva delivers bioavailable, raw, live juice powder with a high amount of CBDa per serving. The company was created by one of the modern-day pioneers of hemp farming, along with his wife.
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  • PURE BIOPLASTICS - Based out of Colorado, this company has spent five years developing a new technology to convert hemp stalks into 100% bioplastics (second-generation hemp plastics), an alternative to oil-based plastics.
  • Regennabis - This “wide-umbrella” company assists global cannabis and hemp industries, as well as “canna-curious” Fortune 500 companies seeking insights into these nascent sectors.
  • TRUSTED HARVEST EXCHANGE - This company helps farmers, processors and end-use manufacturers get deals done faster, more reliably and with less risk. The platform performs contract execution, hemp regulatory compliance and carbon data management.

Which one do you think will win the top prize at NoCo9?


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