With the massive stadium tour with his band and Def Leppard in his rearview, it's looking like Wyoming's forgotten resident, Nikki Sixx is enjoying his best life in the Cowboy State after a long Summer. If you follow the rocker on Instagram, you'll know that he does live in Wyoming on a ranch and he's a fan of the scenery. He's also a fan of all the moose that hang out in his driveway, as well.

But, it seems like, as he goes back to life on the range, he's enjoying business calls, at least from his Wyoming outdoor office.

That is a view. And I bet those doggos are the best bois(or girls).

That probably was a nice change of pace from being on the tour bus daily with the guys.

He's also clearly enjoying the perks of just wearing sandals and house shoes. I mean, who could blame him for walking out in them with his jammies on? He worked hard over the Summer.

He even gives a shoutout to Wyoming as he shares pics of his family while in Jackson.

Wyoming loves you back.

It also looks like we can guess what he bought with his stadium tour money.

That's pretty cool.

I like to think that out of all the celebrities that plop their homes in Wyoming, we can probably all agree that Nikki Sixx is the coolest. I mean, he really does live the Wyoming lifestyle...while he's here. It's also really fun to see what he's up to.

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