We love a little live music in the middle of the day at 94.3 The X -- it's like our own intimate concert, but all of you are invited, too. 

Shelby Taylor-Thorn/TSM

Last week, before their Marquis show in Denver, Travis and Nick of Night Riots stopped by The X studio, and we were in for a treat when they performed not just one, but two songs from the band's new album Love Gloom (available now).

If you missed it on the air, you can hear Night Riots' acoustic performance of their new single 'Nothing Personal' and 'Fangs' from the 94.3 The X studio right here.

(And speaking of 'single,' you can also watch our interview with Travis and Nick, and laugh as hard as we did -- just give this a click.)

Night Riots: 'Nothing Personal' - Acoustic In-Studio Performance on 94.3 The X

Night Riots: 'Fangs' - Acoustic In-Studio Performance on 94.3 The X