This Epic Rock Tale stars Nickelback and their very first tour bus driver. While on the road, the driver played an incredible prank on the band, making them think their bus was going to be struck by lightning.

Nickelback got close with their first bus driver, eventually just calling him ‘Dad.’ Dad was a troublemaker from the start, getting into the habit of jumping out of his seat while driving, running to the back of the bus, touching the wall and sprinting back to his seat before the bus even drifted out of its lane. However, this is nothing compared to what Dad had in store for Nickelback on a stormy day.

While Nickelback were lounging around playing video games, the driver yelled at them to stop and come to the front of the bus. Tearing through massive turbulence, Nickelback’s bus was swerving all over the road. In a panic, Dad ordered Nickelback’s drum tech to gather garbage bags for everyone.

“Get in the garbage bags! We’re gonna get hit by lightning for sure!” Dad screamed. While Chad Kroeger was pondering the situation, his brother Mike wasted no time in jumping into the garbage bag, fully prepared for a strike of lightning to attack the bus.

What happened to Nickelback and Dad’s odd lightning management plan? Watch the Epic Rock Tale above to find out the ending!

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