Primus will release its ninth studio album, "The Desaturating Seven" on September 29th.  And here's the first single from it, also featured as this morning's Side Track:

Since Primus' 2014 album was their re-creation of the soundtrack to Willy Wonka, you may want to know what the big inspiration is behind this new release.  You can read about that here.

Back in the day, Primus was more than a band.  Right, it was an experience.  But it was also a "crowd," i.e. I had a few groups of friends I hung out with:  The Tool tribe, the "whatever's on the radio" people, and yes, there was the Primus crowd.  If I hung out with that last one, it was usually best not to make any important plans for the next couple of days.  (Wait, that was also true with the Toolers.  Anyway...)

For better or worse, you may appreciate this from a few months back:

Aaaaaaand, THIS:

"OH YEAH, I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THAT!"  Worry not, friend.  We're here for you.

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