There aren't that many places to check out live music in Loveland, let alone a place where their sole focus is live music.

Seeing live music is such a win all around: the artists get exposure, the venue gets credit for having the artists play there (as well as bar revenue) and those folks showing up to see the artists get a great show and mood lift. Win, win, win.

The Listening Room at The Gressiwick has just opened up, on Lincoln Avenue in Downtown Loveland next to The Black Steer. The venue is a part of The Gressiwick, a historic building owned by husband and wife, artists Christina Gressianu and Vi Wickam.

It is a small venue, but a lot of times, that's all the better. They have already scheduled out several acts, including free 'Open Mic' nights. The scheduled acts run about $8-$10 a ticket, which isn't bad.

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They have cocktails, and they have a great 'vibe.' With The Listening Room being in Downtown Loveland, it brings another reason for folks to venture there. There's plenty of dining, and places to hang out and drink, and now this is a place set aside solely for live music.

Now, we're not going to be seeing the latest Judas Priest tribute band there, and probably not my nephew's new rock band, but here's a spot to get out and see live music with others who are out to see/hear live music, not just 'get drinks.'

I look forward to checking the 'room' out.

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