Loveland has the only Runza in Colorado. Maybe they'll do something like this for a CSU band member.. Watch as he scores while wearing his tuba. 

I worked at the Runza in Loveland when I was younger; back when Colorado had THREE Runza locations: the one in Loveland and two in Fort Collins.

Obviously, Coloradans don't freak out about Runzas as much as Nebraskans do  (Runza originated in Nebraska.) However, that one in Loveland is still rockin' out that great food. The place holds a soft spot in my heart; and my stomach.

I saw this on Twitter over the weekend and thought - 'That's incredible!'

Technically, he's wearing his Sousaphone. 

I'm unclear on the competition or how Alex Dominguez got picked to attempt kicking a field goal to win a year's worth of Runza, but there he is. Boom. Score.

Looking at Alex's Twitter profile, he does indeed go to Hastings College in the music program. It looks like he's a transfer student from Guatemala, as well.

I think I'm jealous. A year of Runza would do me quite nicely.

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