It started on a Sunday morning: my sister, who lives in Texas, sent me a picture of a sausage kolache, and my craving went wild.

I have a big problem: I used to live in Texas, which means I know of kolaches as one thing and one thing only. What most people, by definition, know as a sugary pastry with a dollop of sweet fruit in the middle, I know as a delectable, yeasty roll with a cheddar sausage waiting inside.

Madi Scruggs, TSM
Madi Scruggs, TSM

After some research, I realized what I'm actually looking for are called "Klobasnek", which are, by definition, not sweet at all. Texas Monthly wrote an entire article about sausage kolaches vs. the tradition Czeck klobasnek:

"It was the kolache’s cousin, the klobasnek, which many believe was invented in Texas[...] that worked its way into the morning routines of people across the state."

Mind you, at this point, I've lived in Colorado far longer than I've lived in Texas, which means I should be used to our traditional foods at this point: anything with Palisade peaches, Rocky Mountain get it. However, lately, I can't get this Texas donut shop staple out of my mind.

I live right next to Lamar's, but all they carry are (delicious) sweet delights. I've combed the menu for Donut Haus in Loveland, but their history is richly German, not Czech. So where, oh, where, can I find what I'm looking for?

Help me with my search by commenting a spot below, and I'll continue to be on the lookout...and I'll update you on my journey as I hit Northern Colorado bakeries.

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