From playing Chubby Bunny with Andrew McMahon while 'in the wilderness,' to getting all wrapped up with Sebastian from SWMRS... we uh, had a fun year.

Kevin Winter/Frazer Harrison/Mark Davis, Getty Images

Not to mention, getting a little wrapped up with 'Jorts Guy' in Old Town, too. These were my five favorite interviews of 2016 -- and BIG THANKS to our digital gal, Scruggs, for making all of these sweet vids. :)

We met up with Andrew McMahon at the Ogden Theatre while he was on the Jack's Mannequin Everything in Transit Ten-Year Reunion Tour. And, since he was there without 'the Wilderness,' we brought the wilderness to him -- s'mores included. One thing lead to another which lead to a rousing game of Chubby Bunny.

I met up with Adam in the Pour Brothers photo booth so we could all get to know the man behind those famous cutoffs.

I've never felt so close with a band I just met -- really. We had a blast meeting SWMRS at Hodi's to play a round of our favorite '90s party game, Twister. Also, Max's face when his brother Cole confesses to kissing their cousin... so great.

I've said it before, and I will say it again, Keith and Michael Jeffery are the world's nicest men. Not only did they invite us into their home on wheels while they were in town, but they offered us coffee and snacks and told us to just 'come back and knock on the door' if we needed something.  Plus... those accents...

I don't think I've ever laughed as hard during an interview as I did when Nick and Travis from Night Riots were here. They're about to go on tour with both Atlas Genius and Andrew McMahon, and we can tell that's going to be a really fun one.