Normally, I am just like most radio listeners, when you say "I never win anything!"  But I actually did: A stay at the Stanley Hotel.  Now, while I don't usually pay upwards of $250 a night to stay anywhere, this weekend was neat - perhaps a bucket list item.

As for Room 217:  At one point, I played like I was getting pulled down that way uncontrollably, just to mess with people.  Now, I do believe in ghosts, but I also believe we have power over them if we stake our claim in it.  So I don't play with the occult or paranormal stuff too much.  It has its world - I have mine.  That said, when I pulled my little stunt, a chill filled my neck, shoulders, and part of my back that took a couple minutes to go away.  I did not expect that.

Our room was two doors down from 217, where Stephen King wrote The Shining.  And it occurred to us during the stay that it would absolutely SUCK to stay in 217... not necessarily because it's haunted... but because all day and night, people are going up to the door of the room, getting pictures taken and yappin' away... and by about 9pm, those people are plastered, and they're super loud.  Someone in the next room was actually banging on their wall to tell these women to quiet it down.  I was taking a picture for them, & I was like.... SNAP, BYE!!!  And they're like, "Oh, can you do one more?"  (gulp!)

But it was a fun stay.  Drinks at the whiskey bar are super pricey, but you could do what we did, which is bring your own downstairs in a nice glass & sit in the gigantic lobby, or even outside looking over Estes Park. Just as fun.

They have that maze now, but the trees are all babies, so it's not freaky like in the movie.... yet.  If I could find my way out, I'm sure you can.  It's great for kids.

Every Winter I take my lady and my girls to stay in Estes Park, but usually we'll do Rustic River Cabins, because it's just an all-around great experience, complete with the outdoor hot tub next to the river.  The Stanley was nice, though, because it was a blast to walk downtown on Saturday night, to Snowy Peaks Winery, and also to get some Chinese takeout.

I can't live near all this awesomeness and not take advantage!  You?


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