My Chemical Romance have kept fans on their toes since last month's announcement that the group was reforming for a concert in Los Angeles, which was succeeded by subsequent news of more gigs to follow. Now, the band members have shared their first photo together since reuniting.

The black and white image came by way of the outfit's official social media outposts on Sunday (Nov. 17), although captured two days prior. In it, My Chemical Romance mainstays Frank Iero, Mikey Way, Ray Toro and Gerard Way are seated left to right, the group shown having a sit-down amid drums and guitar amps in the middle of a rehearsal space. See the photo down toward the bottom of this post.

The only caption on the image is a date stamp. "11.15.19," it reads, indicating the photo dates from last Friday. Perhaps that's the first time the band got back together to practice for its upcoming gigs.

And though they may look dour, the four gentlemen of My Chemical Romance have plenty of reason to be excited — just like their fans. Not only is the landmark reunion in the making, but their signature album The Black Parade re-entered the Billboard 200 chart last week for its first such showing in two years.

Up next is the December performance in California, followed by concerts in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The band has also unveiled a special guest who'll support the first show. (While fans are waiting, why not check out this My Chemical Romance and Katy Perry mash-up?)

Around the same time as My Chemical Romance, Rage Against the Machine announced their reunion, after which both bands saw a spike in YouTube views. More recently, Slayer guitarist Gary Holt defended The Black Parade to fellow metalheads.

Also revealed not long ago is that fact that one My Chemical Romance member is cousins with Joe Rogan. Not enough? Check out some more unforgettable MCR moments.

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