We all have great memories when it comes to live music-- whether that's missing a show but meeting the artist anyway, getting into a venue when you thought it wasn't possible, or meeting your music idols.  

Whatever your music memory is, you probably have a picture of it (like the one above), because you want to remember that forever!  We want to see that photo.

Or maybe you don't have a photo of a music memory but you want to make one-- show us a photo of you DREAMING of your ideal moment.

From May 1st, 2017 to May 31st, submit a photo of your greatest music memory in the form below.  With the help of Firefly VoIP, We will pick 10 finalists that will win each win 3-day VIP passes to the Taste of Fort Collins Presented by First National Bank.  We will pick a winner from those 10 finalists who will also win meet and greet passes with The Gin Blossoms, and, oh yeah, you can bring a friend!

Here's the twist-- we're not announcing the winner until the day of The Gin Blossoms show, when all 10 finalists will come up onstage for their chance to be chosen.  SWEET!

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