If you talk to anyone who owns a motorcycle, they will tell you in one word why owning a motorcycle is the best.... Freedom. Even those who do not own a motorcycle could see the allure of the wind blowing at your face, the open road and the feeling that you get by sitting on a motorcycle.

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Something else that someone that owns a motorcycle will also tell you? There is inherent danger when riding. The proof is in the statistics from CDOT. In 2016 Colorado set a record and not in a good way. The deaths from motorcycle fatalities shot up 15% in 2016 with 125 deaths on Colorado roads.

According to KDVR, the majority of the deaths were male. 43 percent of the deaths were those between the age of 18 - 47. 27 percent between the age of 35 - 54 and 28 percent were 55 and older.

In the deaths that occurred in 2016 involving a motorcycle, over 60 percent of those that died were not wearing a helmet.

As the weather gets warmer here in Colorado, please be safe and please wear your helmet... It could save your life.



Source: KDVR

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