Did Monster Energy drink hide Satanic symbols right on the front of their cans? This Christian lady sure thinks so, as she took to the streets to educate passersby of the occult imagery hidden in plain sight.

This video is from 2014, but it’s been making the rounds on Facebook this week, accumulating over seven million views so far. This lady argues that Monster’s longtime ‘M’ logo on the front of their cans has sinister undertones, and frankly, she’s pretty convincing at first. The three claw marks that make up the green ‘M’ look strikingly similar to the Hebrew symbol for six, “Vav”. Repeated three times on the can and you’ve got 666!

This “educator” also argues that the ‘o’ in Monster shows a cross, even though there’s obviously no horizontal line to be seen. However, she claims that when you hold the can up to consume the energy drink, you’re inverting the cross; a classic image of Satanic belief. Oh, and did she mention that Monster’s tagline is “Unleash the Beast”?

Not a bad argument, ma’am, and it’s certainly an entertaining notion that Monster threw the number of the beast on their cans. We’re thirsty just thinking about it! However, turns out 666 in Hebrew isn’t written as “Vav vav vav” (Six, six, six), but rather “Tav resh samech vav” (six hundred sixty-six). But hey, Iron Maiden say “Six, six, six” in “The Number of the Beast.” Maybe it’s an homage to the band or metalheads’ emphatic chanting of the demonic number?

On to the aforementioned “cross” — anyone who took part in college Greek life knows it’s simply the symbol for “phi.”

Here’s the fact that makes the Satanic thing seem unlikely: Monster didn’t create their own brand. It was actually conceived by design firm McLean, who teamed up with a company called Hansen’s Natural, which had been selling fresh fruit juice since the '30s and natural soda since the ‘70s. When Hansen’s wanted to bring their natural energy drink to a 16oz can, McLean came up with “an aggressive brand for an untapped aggressive consumer.”

So could a devious graphic designer at McLean have come up with the 666 concept for Monster? It’s possible, but McLean isn’t just some shoddy warehouse filled with metalheads. They’ve developed the branding for Pabst Blue Ribbon Light, Kingsford charcoal, Sunsweet prunes, Havoline motor oil, Fresh Step kitty litter and much more.

Satanic trolling or just coincidence? The choice is yours to make. Check out the full video of the Monster conspiracy lady above.

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