This one started with our "Winterly" Estes Park weekend cabin stays.

This place has thee best food ever!!  It's locally sourced and all natural, generally meaning in this case that you won't be filled up with high fructose corn syrup nor hydrogenated oils - two things that are crammed into virtually everything you buy at grocery stores and restaurants unless you do research to avoid it.  And two things that the human body doesn't know how to process, which has a lot to do with the obesity epidemic nowadays.

But I digress.


  • I always get the breakfast skillet with hashbrowns, eggs, & grilled veggies, and man is it great to eat something like that and not feel all weighted down afterwards!
  • Also great are their GIANT pancakes, that they drizzle with chocolate sauce, or just about anything else you could think of.  It's like a vacation for my girls anytime we go there!
  • The cajun tofu sandwich.

I'm sure they have meat there too, but I am so picky about mine that I just make it at home on my smoker, so everyone wins!

Click the image above for the menu & more about Notchtop Bakery!

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