A giant disco ball sits as the cherry on top of Colorado's newest and best concert venue.

Denver's Mission Ballroom debuted Wednesday at the edge of the city's trendy River North (RiNo) arts district. The maiden concert was fittingly headlined by The Lumineers, a band that emerged out of Denver's open mic scene.

No disrespect to the magical outdoor live music experiences of Red Rocks, Fiddler's Green and Mishawaka, but the luxuries of Mission Ballroom's intimate indoor setting are difficult to top.

The state-of-the-art concert hall caps out at about 3,000 attendees. That means there are no bad seats in the house, there's no need for a jumbotron and the acoustics flow throughout the venue perfectly.

There are no distracting billboards littering the club with advertisements. Complex lighting adds to the show experience.

Jacob Laxen/TSM
Jacob Laxen/TSM

There's a lower level where you can get close to the stage that's standing room only. An upper bowl features spots to sit that are all positioned perfectly towards the stage. While the majority of tickets are general admission, sections of reserved seating are located on both the east and west edges of the stage.

Bars and restrooms are seemingly located in every corner — strategically placed to limit line lengths.

The concert experience begins when you walk up towards the venue. A food truck rally with its own bar greets attendees with a festive pre-concert atmosphere. There's only a few snack options located inside, so the food trucks are where you want to fill up beforehand.

The venue also features well-lit murals designed for the perfect selfies and Instagram shots. Animation and neon lights also artistically fill other walls of Mission Ballroom.

More than 70 acts of various genres are already booked to perform at the venue. Any live music lovers will want to find one of those shows to see.

Mission Ballroom operator AEG Presents told 9News it set out to "build the best club" Denver's ever seen. And it's hard to argue with the results of their vision.

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