You can now take a look inside those new condos being built on Olive and Mathews in Fort Collins -- see what a whoppin' $1.1 million will get you in Old Town!

For a long time a vacant (and very run down) boarded-up commercial building sat at the corner of the intersection at 242 Olive Street. More recently though, it's looked like this:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Over the last year, new condos have been undergoing construction, and it turns out these are far, far, from 'just more college student housing.'

While all of us in Fort Collins knew those properties wouldn't come cheap, we're still pretty astounded by the million-dollar-plus price tag for these new townhomes -- I mean, you can actually buy entire houses in Old Town for less than that.

They must be pretty luxurious, right? According to the real estate listing on Caldwell Banker, up for sale is a two-bed, three-bath unit at over 2,000 square feet, with features like a rooftop patio and optional glass elevator available. #Swanky

There is an open house on Saturday, March 18 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. if you want to see it for real. You can take a virtual glance inside below, and excuse me while I go sob into the canned beans I'll be eating for lunch.

See the full listing here.

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