We've all been tuned into The Unlikely Candidates since they broke onto the alternative music scene with the radio success of 2013's 'Follow My Feet.'  Jack Jordan, a 21-year-old graphic artist from Greeley, was no exception. 

Courtesy Jack Jordan

We imagine it probably feels pretty surreal to have a band you listen to ask you to create their album art; in this case, The Unlikely Candidates and their upcoming single, 'Ringer.'

The nationally-touring band, now signed to Another Century (SONY), has made a couple rounds in Northern Colorado over the last few months, including a recent show at Hodi's Half Note in Fort Collins, and the Greeley Block Party.

I first met Jared (of The Unlikely Candidates) the morning of Block Party...Kyle [Morris] was kind of adamant about this one idea. He gave me a couple of reference photos of like a woman covering her eyes and she's got these ballin' 4-fingered knuckle rings on. I tried that out for a minute, but I think as a whole, we decided we wanted a simpler and more refined concept. The finished product is like the fifth variant of my original idea. 

Another Century

Jordan is also the Head Art Director at BandWagon Magazine, an internship that turned into a job last January.

I love the communication aspect of it and how you can make a connection with someone with your design. I took a class in high school just to gain some extra credits and found that I had a knack... five, six years later, and I'm Art Director of a magazine. Needless to say, Mom's proud.


He's usually getting things done at the MOXI Theater or the Double Clutch Cafe on HWY 85 (because it's open 24 hours), while listening to Tame Impala, Fleetwood Mac, Frank Ocean and the new Bon Iver on loop (though he's big on hip-hop, too). The worst thing in his music library? He says, it's U2 -- thanks to Apple. We feel you, man.

And, of course, he is also a fan of The Unlikely Candidates' new track, 'Ringer,' out soon (Though you may have heard it at our Edge of The X last July!).