McDonalds has announced plans to eliminate eight of it's menu options. Which ones will go?

The fast-food giant McDonalds is making some changes. According to USA TODAY the super-chain's U.S. sales have been on a serious decline and they've decided to overhaul the menu.

McDonalds representatives did not specify which eight items were getting the boot ( because they're jerks and this is probably all just a big publicity stunt ) but they did say that the number of Extra Value Meals will be reduced from 16 to 11.

I guess I'd better go get one of those Southern Style Crispy Chicken Sandwiches. Right now. Just in case.  I mean, I don't even care about McDonalds. We are all too fat in this country and I'm glad their sales are down. Good!  But... I'd better get over there... just in case. 

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