The Northern Colorado Wildlife Center plays an important part in the local community, coming to the rescue of animals both big and small whenever they are in need.

Recently, an elderly Fort Collins resident reached out to the NCWC team after she thought a hummingbird was stuck in her house. She was unable to get the flying creature out due to the home's high ceilings.

Wildlife rescuers responded to the woman's home with a ladder and multiple nets. They were also prepared to administer nectar supplements since the bird had reportedly been in the house all night long.

However, upon arrival, the team realized they wouldn't be needing the nectar supplement after all. That's because the animal in need was not a hummingbird, but actually a massive white-lined sphinx moth.

Though the NCWC doesn't typically deal with insects, they continued to follow through with the rescue and safely released the moth outside.

Sphinx moths are also known as hummingbird moths, due to their similar appearance to each other. These moths can range from 2 to 2.5 inches long and their rapid wing movement creates humming and buzzing noises. Aside from just looking alike, both creatures hover to feed on nectar from deep-lobed flowers.

Another primary role of the NCWC is to educate the community when it comes to living with wildlife. In this case, they are using the scenario to remind residents to not let unscreened windows or doors stay open for long periods of time. Unscreened openings are an easy entryway for animals like raccoons, skunks, birds, and moths to get into one's home.

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