A Loveland man has filed a lawsuit against four Loveland Police Department officers and the City of Loveland in regards to a September incident.

According to The Loveland Reporter-Herald, the incident occurred on September 22, 2019, when 60-year-old Preston Sowl, his wife, and their friends spotted a man lying under a motorcycle in the Charlie L's Pub parking lot.

The group called 911, and officers from the Loveland Police Department soon arrived on the scene.

According to a complaint filed by Sowl's attorney Sarah Schielke, Officer Paul Ashe then asked Sowl about the accident.

Sowl replied that he did not know what happened, and refused to talk to Ashe.

After further disagreement between the two, the complaint alleges that Ashe called Sowl an "uncooperative witness," and proceeded to twist his arm behind his back.

Video footage from Ashe's body camera then shows Ashe and two other officers pushing Sowl to the ground and handcuffing him.

As Sowl is seen screaming and bleeding, the officers appear to abruptly pull him back up, injuring his shoulder.

The complaint states that Ashe then tried to arrest Sowl for obstructing an investigation and resisting a peace officer, when a paramedic asked if he could look at Sowl's injuries.

The paramedic determined that Sowl needed to go to the hospital for a dislocated shoulder.

After waiting about 20 minutes, Ashe took off Sowl's handcuffs and transported him to a nearby hospital.

When paramedics told him that Sowl could not be taken to jail in his current condition, he gave Sowl a citation, which was later dismissed, for resisting arrest and obstruction of a peace officer.

Sowl filed the lawsuit against Ashe and the three other officers on Monday (June 22), asserting that the Loveland Police Department violated his First and Fourth Amendment rights.

The lawsuit also addresses the City of Loveland for "failing to appropriately train its police officers."

Sowl is requesting apologies from the four police officers, and financial compensation for his injuries, including a dislocated shoulder and collarbone, a fractured shoulder, a torn rotator cuff, and bruises, which he says still cause him pain.

Neither party has responded to the lawsuit as of yet.

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