I get that Trump is like, trying to 'Make America Great Again,' or something, but I, too, have an idea that will better our nation; The Anti-'Netflix and Chill' Movement: Make America Date Again.


Do people even date anymore, or do we just swipe left or right until we find someone who meets our standards enough to share our bed and Netflix queue with for a night?

That's a rhetorical question, of course.

I've been staying afloat in the shallow Millennial dating pool for long enough to know, the answer to that is the latter. Rare is it to have someone want to actually get to know you over a dinner, cup of coffee or cocktail like our pre-Tinder era parents did.

It is, in fact, so unusual that when someone does ask to meet up -- it's uncomfortable. And, that's the way it should be. You should feel nervous and excited and awkward and like you might puke. There's a Blink-182 song about just that. Kids won't even relate to it anymore and if you can't relate to Blink-182 then serious question: WHO ARE YOU?!

The norm has become a casual 'hang out' that will either lead to physical indications that you like each other, or don't. It's no-strings attached, no follow-up needed, sans-commitment and it eludes us that 'first date pressure.'

To me, it always feels fine at first, but it tires quickly; It's annoying. Grow a pair -- balls, ovaries, whichever you prefer -- and let's destroy the 'Netflix and Chill' monster we've created, and go grab a coffee,OK?

I'm sorry but I can't tell our future grandchildren that we got together because we pretended to watch Dazed and Confused while sucking face. Make America date again.