The Colorado Department of Transportation has announced a six-day Click It Or Ticket seat belt enforcement campaign that is officially underway. According to a press release from the CDOT, the campaign will run through Sunday and focus on rural communities.

Five of the six counties in Colorado with the lowest seat belt usage are rural counties according to a recent study. Darrell Lingk, director of CDOT's Office of Transportation Safety had this to say about the campaign.

'One of CDOT’s core values is safety, and seat belt use is crucial to keeping drivers and passengers safe on the roads. We hope the Click It or Ticket rural campaign will encourage people to buckle up, especially in areas with the most opportunity to increase usage rates and save lives.'

During last years campaign, more than 1,200 citations were given out. We should always be buckling up, it could literally save your life. But if you decide not to this week, it could hit you the wallet too.

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