Actress Megan Fox has a new movie with Bruce Willis called Midnight in the Switchgrass coming out this summer, and her boyfriend, entertainer Machine Gun Kelly, has a pretty intense part in the flick alongside his main squeeze, as one can see in the first trailer for the film. Endearingly, the movie's set is where the musician and Fox first met.

But Kelly, a frequent screen star himself, seemingly has a much more loving relationship with the actress in real life. In the preview, Fox, who's playing an FBI agent, gets a chance to rough up MGK — even brandishing a knife at one point — in a particularly thrilling scene alongside her beau.

Watch the trailer, which premiered on Wednesday (June 9) via Entertainment Tonight, down toward the bottom of this post.

In an interview accompanying the preview, Fox talked about the lengthy production process for the Randall Emmett-directed Midnight in the Switchgrass. Its filming ended up being her longest movie shoot ever thanks to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, among other things.

"Everything that could happen in the process of making this movie has happened," Fox told ET. "We had hurricanes. We had sandstorms. We have wildfires. We had all the things. These are the ones that you do remember forever and you will look back, Randall Emmett, and laugh about all of these things. One day when you're not stressed anymore, you're going to look back and laugh and be like, 'Fuck. It was actually kind of fun.'"

Emmett added of the production, "We have all become very close. And I really don't believe that any of us would have the friendships and relationships that we had had COVID not hit, had we not shut down. We spent six months together on a movie that's supposed to be four weeks long total. And for me, that became really special."

Midnight in the Switchgrass comes to select theaters and starts streaming everywhere on July 23 before arriving on Blu-ray and DVD on July 27.

Two FBI agents (Willis, Fox) cross paths with Crawford (Emile Hirsch), a Florida cop who's investigating a string of murders that appear to be related. When an undercover sting goes horribly wrong, Crawford soon finds himself in a twisted game of cat and mouse with the killer.

Watch Machine Gun Kelly + Megan Fox in First 'Midnight in the Switchgrass' Trailer


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