Loveland, CO's Community Night Out is back this week.

What Is Loveland's Community Night Out?

Every year, the Loveland Police Department plans a one-night citywide block party in an effort to engage with the local community and build on the relationship between police - along with other city emergency service groups - and the residents that make up the city of Loveland.

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According to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, the city's annual 'Community Night Out' takes after a similar national project, National Night Out.

Loveland Police Department
Loveland Police Department

About National Night Out

National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live.

The community-based awareness-raising event is held in local communities all across the country and is celebrated on the first Tuesday of August, annually,

People don't typically call on the police (or other emergency services) under positive circumstances; an annual event like National Night Out, however, provides communities and their residents with a great opportunity to bring police and neighbors together to do just that.

How It Works: Participants register for free and provide a location; from there, the NNO  organization helps coordinate the participant's local block party.

Loveland Police Department
Loveland Police Department

Loveland's 2022 'Community Night Out' takes place this Wednesday, June 15.

Dave Sloat, master police officer For the Loveland Police Department told the Loveland Reporter-Herald that the City of Loveland's local version of the annual program functions similarly to that of the nationally-run event.

Why is Loveland's Community Night Out held in June, and not in August (when National Night Out is celebrated)? Sloat said that the program is held locally in June rather than aligning with the National Night Out because August is a busier time for the Loveland Police Department, the Loveland Reporter-Herald said.

During this year's Community Night Out, the City of Loveland will reportedly feature 19 separate block parties; due to ongoing COVID concerns, there were only six last year.

Before the pandemic, the event usually brought out between 18 and 25 different block parties, according to Sloat.

For more information about Wednesday's event, you can contact Loveland Police Department Master Police Officer Dave Sloat at 970-962-2229.

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