The City of Loveland is looking for your help to name four natural areas along the Big Thompson River.

Townsquare Media, Alana Lynn

The Open Lands Division is looking for names for Open Spaces in Loveland. Special consideration will be given to names that highlight the unique natural or ecological features of each space.

The first space is a 12-acre property at Rossum Drive. It has wetlands, willows, cottonwoods and upland fields. It's home to small mammals, songbirds, and raptors. It is currently closed, but the public will have access shortly.

Townsquare Media, Alana Lynn

The second space looking for a name is the natural area from Wilson to Taft. It is home to many different birds including herons, hawks, chickadees, and warblers. Garter snakes, frogs, turtles, deer, fox, and mink are also part of the population. This site is currently open to the public.
Another property is 13-acres at 990 S. Lincoln Ave. It is home to raptors, songbirds, deer, fox, and raccoons. This site is also currently open to the public.

The last Open Space looking for a name in Loveland is a 37-acre area at 1010 S. St. Louis Ave. It provides habitat for amphibians, songbirds, deer, fox, raccoons, and mink. This stretch of the river includes a colony of herons and cormorants. This site is not open but will be shortly.

You can submit your name suggestions here.