On the evening of Jan. 26, 2023, Loveland Police Department officers arrived on the scene of a car on fire with an unconscious person inside. The incident happened on Eisenhower Boulevard, near the police station, which helped to account for them getting there so quickly to assist.

The fear had to be very high, but the officers were quick to jump and take action to get the unconscious woman out of that car before the unimaginable happened. Then they took to dousing the fire to prevent any further damage or injury to others.

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Please note that the woman in the car is now doing fine and on her way to a full recovery after what was deemed a medical emergency, which caused the accident that occurred on Eisenhower in Loveland, a little west of Jax and Home Depot. It had to be scary for onlookers to see the car crash into a pole and then burst into flames; luckily, many had called 911 to report the wreck.

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The woman's family gave permission for the body cam to be released to the public, and it tells a story of quick action and heroism. The first part of the video shows the two officers got to the car, with flames shooting from the engine and getting the unconscious woman out of the car and to safety. She was quickly taken to the hospital.

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Then, the officers began working the fire with the extinguishers that they carried in their cars. Loveland Fire Rescue and Thompson Valley EMS assisted in the incident, which is the kind of thing you see Police and first responders do that make you very proud.

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Loveland Police

From the woman's granddaughter:

Had officers and citizens on the scene not helped [the grandmother] she would have died. It was brave and heroic and is saved her life; I couldn't be more thankful.


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