A Loveland man has been sentenced to two years in prison for advertising and running an illegal massage service called "Mark's Leisure Massage."

On Friday, Mark Thomas Brinkman was sentenced to two years in jail as part of a plea agreement that includes 20 years of probation in Colorado's Sex Offender Intensive Supervision Program after his release.

Brinkman was arrested in October of 2018 after a Department of Homeland Security investigation examining suspicious activity at his business. According to police, Brinkman advertised "orgasmic massages" for female clients. One of the people who contacted him for his services was an undercover DHS agent. In a text message conversation with the agent, he offered to perform the massage on the agent and a "fictitious 12-year-old girl" that he claimed needed a massage for premenstrual cramping.

According to the Coloradoan, Brinkman told the agent that he would "introduce sex toys and pornography" to assist in the massage. He also told the agent that he had performed this massage on several women in the past.

He will now spend two years in jail and 20 years on probation after the decision on Friday.

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