Fort Collins police are concerned there may be more victims in the Northern Colorado area after a landscaper was arrested for a disturbing crime on June 8, 2022.

In today's age of low-cost home security systems, it takes a bold man to enter an unkown woman's bedroom to steal a pair of underwear, but that's what happened. It's one of those crimes that can freak a person out, with due cause.

According to Fort Collins Police Services, the suspect, Randall Woodard, was doing a landscaping job for a woman in Fort Collins; while the woman was away from the house, the 55-year-old landscaper entered the home and stole a pair of her underwear. Her security system had alerted her of the activity, and she immediately called the police.

Larimer County Sheriff's Office

Woodard was arrested for investigation of:

  • Second Degree Burglary (Class 3 Felony)
  • Theft - Less than $50 (Petty Offense)
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From FCPS:

This is a disturbing violation of privacy, and it’s even more concerning when someone frequently works at different homes,” said Assistant Chief Kristy Volesky, who leads the Patrol Division. “Our officers and Victim Services team stand ready to pursue justice and provide support for anyone else who may have been victimized.

The police report states that Woodard, who lives in Loveland, runs Woodard Quality Landscaping, but I could not find any listing for such business in the Loveland area.

Anyone with information about this suspect or other incidents may contact the Fort Collins Police Tips Line at 970-416-2825 or All charges are simply an accusation by law enforcement, and all parties must be presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

[Source: FCPS press release]

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