'Oh geez, this won't be good,' you could hear me exclaim when I heard the news of this closure. The detours are no 'walk in the park,' either.

The City of Loveland will begin $12.3 million storm drainage improvement project in January of 2022, that's expected to last four years, in four one-year phases. It's the 'Garfield/Harrison Project.'

The Project's Goals:

  • Replace and upgrade existing stormwater infrastructure to address existing drainage problems and meet current stormwater criteria. Install 18- to 60-inch diameter storm sewer.
  • Replace existing waterlines and valves to address aging infrastructure with a history of leaks.
  • Replace pavement including asphalt patching, milling, overlays, or full street reconstruction where project components are installed.
  • Rehabilitate and replace concrete as well as ADA improvements.
  • Provide stormwater quality treatment measures within the stormwater system.
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The first phase involves shutting down First Street between Taft and Cleveland. Oh geez.

First Street is a main artery in Loveland, taking you from the very west of town to the very east of town. This is going to be a headache for a lot of travelers, whether they be locals trying to get around, or commercial drivers, conducting bussines.

The closure is set to begin January 24, and last 'until the end of summer,' according to the project's website.

To compound the issue, construction is going to begin in Downtown on the upcoming 'Draper/Heartland Building' at 4th Street and Lincoln. This will make the detour that takes you north of First Street, even more of a headache.

The Detours:

  • The westbound detour will put you on Lincoln all the way north to Eisenhower, west to Taft and back south to First Street.
  • The eastbound detour will take you south on Taft to Highway 402, east to Highway 287, then north to First Street.

River's Edge Natural Area and Centennial Park, both on First Street between Taft and Cleveland, will remain open during Phase 1 of the project.

Get more on the four-phase project from the City of Loveland HERE.

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