If you're a collector or Comic-Con fan in Colorado, then you know all about when these big shows come through. Have you ever heard of RetroMania though? It's back next weekend.

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RetroMania Collectibles Show In Colorado

Toys and collectibles aren't just for kids. Contrary to what you may be told, grown-ups can have fun too. If you like to shop, you're sure to be interested in the "RetroMania" event coming back to Colorado next weekend. We're talking toys, comics, games, and awesome collectibles, new & old. Plus, if you want to meet some awesome people we all watched/heard on TV growing up, then RetroMania is for you as it runs wild through Colorado weekend.

What Is The RetroMania Collectibles Show?

The RetroMania Collectibles Show is a traveling show and event that's great for all ages, with all kinds of rare blasts from the past collectibles. As seen in the pictures above, this show is full of toys, comics, art, and clothing. It's basically a collector's dream scenario.

Where Is The RetroMania Collectibles Show In Colorado?

RetroMania returns to Colorado on January 28th & 29th at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. At this year's event, you'll have the opportunity to meet Diane Pershing (Voice Actress for Poison Ivy and more), Kenny James (Voice Actor for Bowser from Mario Brothers and more), Loren Lester (Voice Actor for Robin from Batman: The Animated Series and more), and Josh Petersdorf (Voice Actor).

You can get tickets HERE, and kids under 10 are free. Clean out the trunk and head to RetroMania next weekend to check out all of the fun throwback items they have for sale. Maybe you can find some of these awesome throw back toys below...

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