If someone ever contacts you saying you've won some giant prize that you never entered for - and says you just need to send them some money first - you do know not to ever do that, right?

I always assume so, but every now & again I'll glom onto another story like this one.

This time though, it happened to an elderly woman in Eagle County.  The District Attorney's office says 63-year-old Nena Kerny Kochuga from Virginia Beach, VA, telemarketed the lady in Colorado, telling her she had won $9 million in a Jamaican lottery, and that she just needed to pay all the taxes and fees up front.

Don't worry, this ends well.

The victim's husband found out this was going on and called the police.  Kochuga was arrested, brought to Colorado, and ordered to pay more than $20,000 restitution to the elderly woman, nearly $2000 to the Eagle County Sheriff's Office to transport her here, and court costs.  Then she'll serve three years' parole.

District Attorney Bruce Brown:

This is a low and most despicable crime. Taking advantage of an elderly person with limited income is intolerable.  Distance is not a bar to prosecution, and we will hunt you down."

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