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Take a look at these pictures of three majestic white buffalo that were spotted in Colorado. A photographer spotted these near Hartsel, Colorado at a ranch. Stephen Johnson, the photographer says that they were almost full-grown, but not as big as the other buffalo.

He told us that was five at one point, but now he's just spotted three white buffalo. When he took some of the pictures below the buffalo were all gathering around the rancher because it was dinner time. Stephen says he captured some of these pictures on Monday, February 1, while looking for an elk herd.

The buffalo live on a ranch near Hartsel, off of Highway 9. Stephen the photographer told us that there are about 40 or 50 buffalo on the ranch and there are horses there as well.

According to Stephen and Wikipedia, white bufflo are spiritually significant animals that are sacred to the American Indians. They symbolize hope and is a sign that good things are on the way.

Look at These Majestic White Buffalo Spotted in Colorado

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