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A high-profile Fort Collins property that has belonged to Spradley-Barr Mazda since 1966 will now be under the control of Brinkman Development, who last fall submitted a proposal to build a four-story hotel and a five-story apartment building there.

Spradley appealed to Fort Collins City Council going the route of "Our building is an historic landmark," but the council disagreed.

The seven-acre living and lodging location will be nestled in with the Max Line on the west, and Fort Collins' second King Soopers Marketplace to the north.

Sounds like a super nice place to live or stay, provided you can afford it, with a huge bonus if you prefer not to do a lot of driving!  I've always thought it would be cool to live in a spot where you can walk, bike, or bus to most (or all) of your destinations throughout the week.  A significant portion of Fort Collins can already be considered as such, so I'm thankful that I drive very little these days compared to years back.

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