There's being woken up by your alarm clock, but then there's getting woken up by your town's emergency sirens.

That is exactly how some residents in Longmont woke up to this morning after a malfunction caused some of the city's emergency sirens to go off by mistake. It happened just after 4 am today. Dispatchers confirmed to the Times-Call there was no emergency.

You're probably wondering why some heard the siren and others didn't, it's not because they were just the unfortunate light sleepers in Longmont.

According to Outdoor Warning Sirens mean "that something life-threatening is happening and you should go indoors and get more information." "Life-threatening" could indicate tornado, hail, wind, etc.

Sirens are designed only to alert those who are outside that something dangerous is approaching and to get indoors as soon as possible and tune into local media for instructions and information.