We've uncovered some footage of Nirvana performing at two Denver venues.

Back in December of 1993, just months before Cobain's alleged suicide, the band performed at the Denver Colosseum. About five and a half minutes into the video, you can recognizably hear 'Drain You,' and about 19 minutes into the set, you can hear 'Smells Like Teen Spirit.'

According to setlist.fm, in 1989, Nirvana performed at the Gothic in Englewood, as well as Penny Lane Coffeehouse in Boulder. Another video we found from that year was when the band played a Denver venue once known as 'The Garage.' At 21 minutes, you can hear 'About a Girl.'

According to one commenter, Chis Allen Stone 023,  who was at the show, the venue was in downtown Denver, where Blake Street Tavern now is. He also left the following comment:

I was lucky enough to have attended this gig. Just a kid at the time, 16 and went with a couple friends from school. I remember this was no frills, no stage riser... I never heard of Nirvana before this but the next day I borrowed my buddies copy of Bleach. At the time,1989 - this was really groundbreaking...Bleach quickly became a permanent fixture in my car and in my bedroom. How on just 2 short years this Aberdeen band travelling around in a beat-up VW bus would be a household name and Cobain an unwilling spokesman for my X Generation of lost boys and girls... this is f****** memory lane.

Other commenters have claimed to be at this show as well, going to check out an 'unknown band from Seattle.' Pretty cool. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to spend the rest of my day watching Cobain conspiracy documentaries on Netflix.

Nirvana - Lithium

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