Meet this week's LOCAL X alt rockers, Racing On The Sun. Frontman Alfonso 'Fonz' Cervantes gave me a ring while on a stop in Oklahoma City with tour mates, Australian indie rock band, Empra. Mates... get it? OK. On The Sun

Does he have great hair? Yes. Does he wear a leather jacket? Yes. Was he on Happy Days? No. I asked.

Suitable for fans of the band Anberlin, Northern Colorado's Racing On The Sun is travelling across the U.S. on the Epic Proportions Tour. On Friday, April 8, 94.3 The X presents the band's headlining hometown show at the Moxi Theater.

Hopefully the guys can do as the pioneers of the frontier did, and use their iPhone compass to figure out which way is west -- we understand the Coloradan struggle.

Oh, and speaking of Anberlin, Racing On The Sun will be working with guitarist Joseph Milligan on their next EP. Let's all take a moment to appreciate how f*ing rad that is before we move on.

If you missed Racing On The Sun on the air, you can hear the interview, the band's song ‘Self Destruct' and new single 'We Are Not Afraid' here:

You can follow RACING ON THE SUN here.