They have an appreciation for Taylor Swift's 1989 and pizza, and they prioritize coffee over like, everything (we're kindred spirits). They're Fort Collins pop-punk band, Head Injuries, and they are this week's featured LOCAL X band on 94.3 The X.

Courtesy Nolan Knight Via Rabananda Agency
Courtesy Nolan Knight Via Rabananda Agency

Two members of Head Injuries, Jared and Zack, have been in a band together in Northern Colorado for over a decade now. While the band, which just returned from its west coast Hit the Pavement Tour, is taking some needed down time, the guys say they are still focusing their energy on music. Just, different music.

J: I think that a lot of people get scared when they hear a band say, 'We're going to try something new.'  But, you know, Zack and I have been playing together for over a decade now; we've been playing pop-punk together since we were 12... a decade's-worth of writing together. You've got to try new stuff... It's going to be weird.

S: So, you're going country?

J: Kind of. But like EDM drums behind it, Slipknot-type vocals.

Z: And a Hank Williams slide all over it.

Check out the full podcast of Head Injuries' LOCAL X below to find out more about what they'll be up to in the next few months, and hear their songs 'Fake' and (the T-Swift-inspired) 'Swift Exit.' No, really.

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