Fort Collins' Maxwell Natural Area is a favorite for hikers, bikers and equestrians, but because it's such a frequently visited spot, the City decided it required some restoration and a much needed refresh in order to maintain safety, sustainability and fun for its users. The City explained that over the years, the trail and natural area, that's set within the foothills, has consistently degraded in condition.

The Maxwell Trail Refresh Project took several weeks to complete, but the trail and surrounding natural area is now back open and ready to welcome outdoor enthusiasts once again.

Overall, five sections of the trail were significantly repaired and improved. Some of the specific actions that were taken included installing erosion barriers, repairing fencing and signage, mending portions of the trail, and incorporating grade reversals in certain areas.

Multiple groups of people, using a variety of resources, pitched in to help restore the popular Fort Collins location. This included individuals from the Natural Area team, volunteers from Colorado Addicted Trailbuilders Society, and members from the Larimer County Conservation Corps, who loaned their helicopter for three days to aid in rebuilding 3000’ linear feet of trail that was badly eroded.

Another team that helped play a vital role in the project was a pack of llamas from Buckhorn Llama Company. The pack stock helped to haul in over 3.5 tons of material for trail improvements, carrying the needed supplies in sacks on their backs to the end destination.

You can read more about the Maxwell Trail Refresh Project here, or visit Maxwell Natural Area in person to check it out firsthand.

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