This weekend's mountain snowstorm brought more than just fresh powder to Colorado ski resorts, now dubbed a 'lift line apocalypse.' Like... Is this even fun?

Photos and videos of the chairlift line at Vail over the weekend have gone viral, after the high-end ski resort got pounded with a historic snowfall: 17 inches in 24 hours (with more to come), OutThere Colorado shared.

Aspen Times reported that Vail Mountian got '38 inches at Patrol Headquarters during a 48-hour period between Thursday and Saturday,' and that there were nearly 500 cars parked at the resort on Saturday morning (Feb. 8).

Lift tickets and lodging at Vail aren't cheap, so people wanted to get their money's worth — but is this worth it? Going off the audible 'booing' in the video below, we're going to guess... no. And, what goes up on the lift, must come down on the hill. (Never had this problem at Eldora.)

Via Hiking Nerd:

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