Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher has said that the eight-year feud between him and guitarist brother Noel Gallagher has finally been resolved. The disintegration of their relationship led to Oasis splitting in 2009, and since then the pair have frequently engaged in public spats.

The thaw in relations could be fueled by the success of each brother’s most recent album. Liam’s As You Were outsold the rest of the top 10 LPs in the U.K. charts on its release in October, and went gold in its first week. Who Built the Moon?, the new LP from Noel’s High Flying Birds, also debuted at the top of the charts the following month.

However, the chances of an Oasis reunion are probably as remote as they’ve ever been. While Liam has talked optimistically about getting back together, saying that he never got over the split, Noel – who last week joked about wanting to do it – has a completely different outlook. Speaking of the day he quit the band, he recently told the Belfast Telegraph: “I felt that I, personally, had done enough. I felt that this was just going to go around in circles, forever. It is easy to sit there and pick up the check, travel in separate aeroplanes, separate dressing rooms, go onstage at opposite sides of the venue, and do the gig. You arrive and you leave separately. And you have written all these joyous f---ing songs.

"I never fought with Liam at all. Liam was fighting with himself. Right now, he is picking a fight with himself somewhere. I don't suffer fools in any sense at all, but I suffered him more than maybe I should have done. I felt maybe, looking back on it, that the stadium rock thing wasn't me anymore. At the time, it wasn't a musical decision. It was literally a case of I can't bear the fighting and the shouting and the firing people for no reason."

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